ATECA Holding Signs Agreement with AHLEI to Offer Certification and Diploma Programs

ATECA Holding, developed by UAE hotel experts, in collaboration with the Tourism Development Institute under The State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Tourism Development, has entered into an agreement with The American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI), to provide its world-class training programs in Uzbekistan.

Making the announcement Mr. Michel Noblet, Executive Chairman of ATECA Holding, said, “The hospitality sector is emerging as one of the most diverse, competitive and fast-paced industries in Uzbekistan developing at an unprecedented pace to meet the growing demand for quality accommodations from domestic and international travellers. At ATECA Holding we are proud to be the first and only organisation in Uzbekistan to offer AHLEI’s prestigious training programs at the ATECA Hotel Academy Hub in partnership with the Tourism Development Institute under The State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Tourism Development. Drawing on our outstanding industry experience, we are committed to help students master their area of interest with a focus on real-world practices to expand their perspective and expertise which in turn will enable them to grow in their respective careers.”

The demand for trained hotel professionals is high in the Republic and is expected to grow drastically with the increasing number of hotels. However, currently, only a fraction of hotel industry staff have formal education or training leaving a huge gap in skills at the start of the career. To meet the need for continuous learning and professional development in Uzbekistan’s hospitality industry, ATECA Hotel Academy Hub, offers a variety of certification, executive diploma and customised programs for both experienced professionals as well as beginners.

Ed Kastli, MBA, CHMS, CGSP – Channel Vice President, International Sales, American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute stated, “We are very excited to enter Uzbekistan and support the advancement of the hospitality sector in the country with strong partners such as ATECA Holding and the Tourism Development Institute under The State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Tourism Development. Our shared goal is to train a dynamic workforce who can make a difference to the hospitality and tourism industry in Uzbekistan. AHLEI’s well-defined and globally recognised courses are for all segments of the hospitality sector.  Our training workshops are tailored to address complex, multi-dimensional business that demand a new managerial mindset.”

In today’s competitive world, everyone looking for a career in hospitality needs to have extensive hospitality know-how and a broad set of strategic skills to enter the industry and reach the desired positions. AHLEI offers the world’s top-notch certification programs supported by a global network of 25,000 hotel members, and endorsed by the American Hotel & Lodging Association.

Mr. Karimov Kamoladdin, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager for ATECA Holding, said, “The ATECA Hotel Academy Hub is dedicated to prepare students for a flourishing career in the regional and global hospitality industry through AHLEI’s world-class education, workshops and training programs. The award-winning team at ATECA Hotel Academy Hub comprises of the very best faculty members including executives from leading hotels – all of whom have top degrees from prestigious universities.”

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